About Golden Lite

Golden Lite Trading DMCC is about keeping you healthy, trim and trendy. The company has garnered world acclaim disbursing a dazzling array of sophisticated nutrition, health and wellness creations. Designed to achieve gradual but sustainable quality of life transformations, the company’s harmonious mix and range of brands offers an enlightened vision on nutrition and health which is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Mission

To provide the finest tasting, most nutritious and widest variety of daily food and beverage categories through research, innovation and close adaptation to customers’ feedback, desires, challenges and changing lifestyles.

Our Vision

To become the company of reference for a life-lasting healthier body and mind by positively encouraging consumers’ consumption habits with high quality selections of foods and beverages, which maintain the perfect balance of nutritional content for achieving healthier physical conditions and ideal shapes.

Our Team

Brands and products are as great as the teams that create and manage them. We hire and collaborate with but the best of global talent. While deep know-how is paramount, we continuously work on vertically developing a specialized and skilled body of knowledge that rewards fresh and forward thinking ideas which contribute towards modernizing our creative work environment and boosting our business associations and community trust in our products.

We Innovate

To entrench sustainability into every stage of the life cycle of our products, we are working with our principals and suppliers to continuously bring to light naturally enhanced ingredients in appealing packages as well as creating innovative, healthy and nutritious products.

The key to customer satisfaction lies in our ability to innovate by constantly evolving our products’ practical functionality, nutritional essence and taste. The feedback we receive from our consumers identifies their needs and drives our product research and development. The company’s global presence and closeness to consumers allows us to promptly take action and meet their requirements.

Our Promise

Under no circumstance would Golden Lite Trading DMCC fail to honor its responsibility towards the company stakeholders, especially to our consumers and communities, wherever we operate. Our business foundation is solidly built on fairness, trust, honesty and long-term forward thinking. Creating long-term sustainable merit to our stakeholders requires us to behave, strategize and operate within strict ethical rules and constraints, to create confidence and unmatched added-value to our communities, business partners and consumers. From this strategic framework, the company actively engages in various activities to promote and campaign for people to adopt daily eating programs that ensure a healthier lifestyle.