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Our range of brands is as diverse as our global consumer base existing in more than 40 different countries globally. It’s enough to mention long-established products like Tropicana Slim and Nutri C, to draw an image of the depth and breadth of the company brands in the global markets where they exist.

Though our defining policy is aimed at providing what is exceptionally nutritious, in no way or manner did we ignore delicious. We take shifts creating products based on consumer insights. We are listening, watching for and learning from consumer inspirations, aspirations and the challenges they face, all towards designing the best brand solutions that meet their every need.

Tropicana Slim

Tropicana Slim is a product line for consumers striving to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The entire Tropicana Slim range of products is based on low or zero calories. We only use ingredients approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and local FDA in the different countries where we operate. Low or Zero-Calorie products include Sweeteners, Sugar-Free Drinks, Sugar Free Arabic Sweets Syrup, and Sugar-Free Syrup. All are safe for daily consumption, especially for Diabetics.

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Diabetamil is a Meal Replacement Program especially created for our Diabetic clientele. It is an easy meal replacement program to follow. You can just replace your breakfast and dinner diets with Diabetamil Nutritious Drink and you are sure to enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle.

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WRP (Weight Rejuvenation Program)

Everybody wants to look good, slim, beautiful and healthy, especially our female segment of consumers. WRP will help you achieve that dream of having an ideal body weight. With its natural ingredients, complete nutrition and absolutely delicious taste, WRP is clinically proven to bring down your body weight up to 3 lbs in 6 days.

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Nutri C

Nutri C is a healthy, refreshing and nutritious powder soft drink with a mouth-watering taste. It contains multi-vitamins and minerals to maintain a robust stamina all day long and therefore you will always feel in tip top shape. Nutri C also offers sugar-free Milk tea in a 3 in 1 instant tea mix. The sweetened perfect blend of milk tea delivers a tasty, sensational and refreshing drink for you to enjoy daily.

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This category offers effective and practical nutrition with an outstanding quality milk product for those who are always on the fast lane, leading a modern lifestyle. It contains high proteins, L-Carnitine, L-glutamine, BCAA, vitamins and minerals designed to ideally shape your body.

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