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Tropicana Slim Low Calorie Sweetener

Despite being low-Cal, Tropicana Slim Low Calorie Sweetener still gives you the taste of real sugar. One sachet of Tropicana Slim Sweetener is sufficient for one cup of hot or cold drink. It is equivalent to 2 spoons of sugar. It smoothly dissolves in your favorite drinks. No sugar, no saccharine, no cyclamate and no preservatives are added. It is specially packed to prevent humidity. One sachet of Tropicana Slim Low Calorie amounts to only 6 calories. It is available in 2 different forms; powder and tablet, each with several different packaging sizes to choose from. The main ingredients are Sorbitol and Aspartame whose 40 mg/sachet refers to ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) of 40mg/kg body weight, as suggested by JEFCA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives). It is safe for Diabetics and makes sweet sense for health conscientious people.

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